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When you seek wealth management and financial planning guidance, there is perhaps no better place to go than Lighthouse Financial – a company which has been a pioneer in this field. Wealth management is essentially an investment advisory field of study which includes financial planning and investment portfolio management along with a host of other associated financial services. Leading small entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals, and families seeking assistance in financial planning and wealth management have been the primary objectives of Kenneth Brackett and Lighthouse Financial. Professionals employed in Lighthouse Financial are experienced and qualified duly to render advice on how to coordinate estate planning and retail banking, taxes, and managing investments.

This company employs wealth managers who are trained to get the best returns possible and to get tax favored treatment for their clients. Wealth management is typically referred to a high-end banking especially for the more affluent. An individual need not be in possession of a considerable amount of assets before wealth management strategies can work for him. These wealth management strategies are again provided by different institutions like banks, trust companies, or brokerages. In this sense Lighthouse Financial is a popular choice among long-term investors because of the varied services it provides.


Lighthouse Financial and its President Kenneth Brackett are committed to managing your wealth in the best way possible. They are patient with their clients and do not support pushing them to take hasty decisions. Any decision is usually preceded by in-depth consultations a few times so that all pros and cons can be duly weighed. Such consultations can be quite elaborate depending on the needs of the client and the company does not charge its clients for them. This helps Lighthouse Financial to develop very strong ties with their clients.


Ever since 2006, the Lighthouse Financial has been making its presence felt as a financial advisory group to reckon with. The company believes in educating and counseling their clients about those mistakes that are commonly made by average investors. The aim is not only to help them avoid making common mistakes but also to ensure that they are well informed about various issues. For instance, they assist retirees to cut down their taxes by nearly half and avoid getting taxed on Social Security incomes and estate taxes. Side by side, they help retirees to protect their retirement savings while allowing them to take part in market gains too. Their workforce is comprised of independent advisors who can handle all types of investments. Their expertise and comprehensive knowledge on wealth management issues enable them to genuinely assist people so that they can invest confidently with investment options that entail lower risks. In view of the growing concern among senior citizens about their financial security, this wealth management and financial planning company is devoted to seeking solutions for them.


Lighthouse Financial also has come up with diverse programs to benefit retirees concerned about getting long-term health care coverage in an uncertain and fluctuating economic environment.



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